Bitcoin and its Blockchain

Established in Switzerland since 2017, 2B4CH is a non-profit think tank focusing on the social and financial transformations brought by Bitcoin and its Blockchain, and more generally the impact of cryptocurrencies/assets and distributed ledgers.

As the Internet forced everyone to reconsider how we view commerce, information, and communications, the recent emergence of cryptoasset technologies, mainly Bitcoin and its Blockchain, is revolutionising how we digitise, transact, and store all types of data, from finance to healthcare, to property rights and identity.

2B4CH was created to assist corporations, local and federal governments, in addressing and benefiting from these new challenges.

2B4CH aims to connect all stakeholders impacted by the transition to Bitcoin and more generally blockchain technologies, and facilitate vertical and horizontal communication and partnerships between them by building alliances to support their needs.

2B4CH core activities:

  • Educate;
  • Engage;
  • Transform;
  • Enable.

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