Knowledge building & Communication

Develop and share with businesses and policymakers, with the support of the media, tools to enable a better understanding of cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies, and transition towards the new reality. We do this by organising events and roundtables which bring together experts academia industry and policy makers.


Dialogue & Research

Promote a regulatory climate that encourages innovation using cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies. Develop and research policies and best practices to maximise the applicability of these technologies. We do this by partnering with industries and regulators to create a unified approach towards a welcoming environment.


Advocacy & Public Affairs

Support the creation and implementation of policies and regulatory sandboxes, to position Switzerland as a global hub of innovation in cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies. We do this by ensuring Swiss representation in international initiatives, and maintaining an open channel of communication with local and federal government.


Business & Standardisation

Assist and liaise governments and businesses of all industries in understanding and embracing the potential of these transformations. We do this by publishing and presenting white papers and case studies.