Deutsche Bank on Twitter:

“Bitcoin’s market cap of $1 tn makes it too important to ignore. But will it evolve into an asset class, or will its illiquidity remain an obstacle? Find out more in the latest instalment of “The Future of Payments” from Marion Laboure.”

«Central banks and governments understand that cryptocurrencies are here to stay, so they are expected to start regulating crypto-assets late this year or early next year. They are also speeding up research on their own Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) and launching pilots.»

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Consommation d’énergie ≠ empreinte carbone.

67% d’énergie gaspillée rien qu’aux USA selon les sources officielles.

“The 2019 energy flow chart released by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory details the sources of energy production, how Americans are using energy and how much waste exists.”

Ce n’est pas la consommation d’énergie qui est un problème, mais bien la pollution, souvent engendrée par son gaspillage.

Récupérer une partie de l’énergie perdue, gaspillée, pour optimiser le rendement de sa production, ne génère pas plus de pollution, au contraire. Mieux rentabiliser l’énergie permet plus d’investissements dans son optimisation.

Les consommateurs d’énergie (particuliers et industries, dont Bitcoin) ne peuvent consommer que ce à quoi les gouvernements veulent bien leur donner accès. Politiques énergétiques et régulations brident la consommation finale.

La production d’énergie, sa consommation et son impact sur l’environnement, sont des sujets politiques, et c’est nous citoyens qui devons exercer notre influence sur nos gouvernements pour optimiser et améliorer son rendement de manière respectueuse de notre planète.

Bitcoin n’est pas le problème, mais sa solution.


China’s National Digital Currency

No, Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC) are not at all “similar to Bitcoin”, nor technological progress. A centralised blockchain is just a slow and inefficient database.

First country to launch their CBDC, China merely nationalised WeChat pay and Alipay, with even more centralization and stricter limitations.

Value automatically decreases, funds expire and disappear, can’t send money to friends and family… Central Bank dystopia!

Bitcoin fixes this.

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Bitcoin discussed today in Nigerian Senate Plenary

Nation states, especially those not in the West, are facing today a unique opportunity to learn about, embrace, and harness Bitcoin.

Forget Tesla, MicroStrategy, Square, and prepare yourself for sovereign nation states including BTC into their Central Banks reserves.

Today in the Nigerian Senate Plenary:

“We didn’t create Cryptocurrency and so we cannot kill it and cannot also refuse to ensure it works for us. These children are doing great business with it and they are getting result and Nigeria cannot immune itself from this sort of business.” – Senator Biodun Olujimi

Senate resolved to:

“Mandate the Committees on Banking, Insurance and other Financial Institutions, ICT and Cybercrimes, and Capital Market to invite the CBN Governor for briefing on the opportunities and threats of the Crypto currency on the nation’s economy and security and to report back findings within two weeks.”


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